Sustainability is the foundation of our company. 100% of our in-house products are created from recycled bicycle inner tubes from local bicycle shops. Typically, these tubes would be thrown away and dumped in a landfill where they would not decompose for decades. Now, we are able to save tubes from filling up landfills and safely repurpose them for our four legged friends.

Bicycles have provided reliable transportation for over a century. Cycling has been and always will be a sustainable mode of transportation. Even though bicycles do not emit emissions like cars, they do create waste from tires and tubes.

Working in a bicycle shop made me start to think about the scale of waste created by tubes. Think about it like this. There are about 10 shops in a 20 minute vicinity of Nashville, TN, which is not the friendliest cycling city out there. Each shop gets around 10-40 tube changes a day. That means 100-400 tubes are thrown away each day of the week just in Nashville. Now, think about how many shops there are in the United States or even, the world.

Two Wheeled Treats can’t fix all of that, but we can start to make a difference, one tube at a time. We can create useful products that bring happiness and purpose into the lives of others. We encourage you to join us and share our purpose with the world!


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