Our Story – Two Wheeled Treats

In the summer of 2018, our founder, Zach Gilliam, was working in a bicycle shop in Nashville, TN when he noticed riders of all skill levels had one thing in common, flat repairs. No matter how big or little the puncture, entire tubes were being tossed in the trash and replaced with brand new tubes.

         He began to research the life span of tubes and found that they were made of Butyl Rubber, which takes a minimum of 40-50 years to begin decomposition. Thus, creating quite an environmental footprint when considering the astronomical amount of inner tubes discarded each day around the world.

        He set out on a mission to find alternative purposes for the discarded materials and stumbled upon a need for a new collar for his dog. That began the journey known as Two Wheeled Treats, where each product makes a difference in decreasing the environmental impact caused from product waste.

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